AZIMUTH and PAMPLEMOUSSE are the result of an international exhibition project carried out by two groups of artists and art researchers from Belgium (PXL-MAD /Hasselt University) and the Basque Country (UPV / EHU). The goal is to connect different experiences and perspectives, from different contexts and cultures that underline ways of thinking and communicating through the image.
The first exhibition was titled AZIMUTH and took place at the Hasselt Cultuurcentrum, in Belgium, from September to November 2018. The exhibition focused on the concepts of horizon and coastline, creating a heterogeneous dialogue between the host group (the one living there) and the guest group (the one travelling).
PAMPLEMOUSSE, the current exhibition taking place in Bilbao Bizkaia Aretoa, from April 15 to May 5, 2019, arises as a visual response to AZIMUTH and its graphic representation, bringing it to another state, which could be named or qualified as transduction. A change of state in which the new artworks bring (connote) volume, smell, colour, taste, sound and texture leading to a spatial and metaphorical expansion.

  • PXL-MAD/UHasselt:
    Ode de Kort
    Patrick Ceyssens
    Tom Lambeens
    Griet Moors
    Remco Roes
    Carla Swerts
  • AE UPV/EHU Bilbao:
    Andrea Abalia
    Mikel Arce
    Txaro Arrazola
    Usoa Fullaondo
    Susana Jodra
    Veva Linaza