Ainara Elgoibar (Mungia, 1975) is an artist. A graduate of LADE from the University of Deusto, she worked in the finance department of an American company before graduating in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona (UB), where she also obtained a doctorate. Through his artistic practice he rehearses an approach to the intersections between both working environments. She is also a founding member of Tractora Koop E, an artists cooperative based in Bizkaia.

At laSIA she will share some of the research projects she has carried out individually on different types of architectural glass, as well as projects driven collectively by Tractora, in particular Landa lan: A Documentation of Darcy Lange (2018-2019) and the development that the working and research methodology that emerged from that exhibition has had in some of the projects that the cooperative has in its hands.

Sala Rekalde, 6 p.m.