«art as research» day 5 (27 february 2018)

Unai Requejo and Jorge Núñez
propose the exercise: Put yourself in another artist’s shoes!

Text by Stefan Zweig – «The Mystery of Artistic Creation»
Extract from an interview with Brian De Palma
Song by Brian Eno – «By this river» https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrZYP8SzlN8

Put yourself in another artist’s shoes!
Make a process that belongs to you

Exercise proposal:
Choose a painting (or a drawing as well) that is not yours, from any period. Imagine that you are that artist, while you are painting it.
>Objective: to give an account of the process.
>Format (suggestions):
-novel / storytelling
-scheme / graphic -diary -…
>Support: 4 sheets DIN-A4 The structure (free) that fits the limitations of having 4 sheets (if someone uses a sheet on both sides it should make sense, for example). These papers are taken as a basis for the exercise and the proposal should happen in them.
>Sharing session: For the presentation, you must send the painting (or the drawing) on which you have inspired yourself to the following mail: unai.requejo@ehu.eus The following day, Tuesday 27th February, during the seminar we will share all your exercises.

You can read Aitor Irulegi’s exercise in Marginalia:
«Agnes Martinekin telefonoz hizketan» (Basque)
«Hablando por teléfono con Agnes Martin» (Spanish)
(translation: Speaking on the phone with Agnes Martin)

El lugar del sujeto en la investigación artística basada en la práctica