December 15, 2021  6:00 p.m.

The Seminar “Harri, Orri, Ar” is coming to an end and as a closing event we have organized a special session.

We will start with Idoia Montón, to visit with her the exhibition that is now on view in the Sala Rekade: “The seven windows”. Her presentation will take the form of a talk/visit/conversation among the group of people who are encouraged to participate.

This will be followed by a concert/conference/workshop by accordionist Garazi Navas. The concert will be grounded in her musical interpretative practice-based research, concerning the tradition-avant-garde connection through the accordion.

Each act will last approximately 45 minutes.

We look forward to seeing you!

Idoia Montón Gorostegui

(Donostia, 1969) After being initiated in the Artistic Association of Gipuzkoa, in the late eighties and early nineties, she passed through the Arteleku workshops, with Bonifacio Alonso and Angel Bados, as well as the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UPV. She then exhibited in galleries such as Juana de Aizpuru and Buades. In the mid-nineties she began a long personal journey that led her to an intense and committed pictorial research, to then reappear in the hands of Javier Peñafiel and Rosa Queralt in Half-House, with the exhibition A tangible reflection (Barcelona, 2012). All the work produced during that distancing and her return will be collected in the publication Idoia Montón (Donostia, 2014). Some of the works from later years, when she is already settled in Barcelona, appear in another book, La guerra (La caníbal, Barcelona 2020). At the end of 2019 she makes a scholarship stay in Iraqi Kurdistan. Among her exhibitions: La kasa del carpintero insurgente, Alegría Gallery (Madrid, 2014); Lila, CarrerasMugica (Bilbao, 2015); La guerra, La Escocesa (Barcelona, 2017); Aquellos, Sis Gallery (Sabadell, 2017); Tallers compartits -collective-, Fundació Joan Miró (Barcelona, 2021).

“My work is nourished by the link with the places and spaces I inhabit, in which I develop. Through the direct relationship with things, those that we could understand as the simplest of our daily life. I inquire into myself questioning the circumstances or events that question me. My work externalizes my feelings and tries, with its possible transforming capacity, to act on reality.

When I begin to elaborate an idea in the studio, I usually use collage as it allows me both an immediate approach and to put in contact diverse materials that also facilitate my formal work. It is in its manipulation, as I introduce the ideas that I need to define and express, or that simply arise, when I take care of their combination and concordance, of assimilating all their components and of trying to offer them a meaning in painting. The painting then manifests itself as an open space, in which it is the process itself that takes the reins, since the spark, the illumination, the appearance of an unexpected meaning, a revelation or an expressive discovery comes from it. It is only at the end of the course of this journey, at the moment when its construction no longer requires changes, when the elements that have been unveiled manage to acquire a meaning that is only closed in relation to its context.

Each finished work is also a testimony of a moment, the time of its creative process and the accumulation of ideas, encounters and experiences that gave birth to it.”


Garazi Navas Mundiñano, accordionist

(Usansolo, 1995) In 2019 she will finish in Musikene the Higher Studies of Music and in 2021 the Master in Artistic Teaching of Musical Performance in the specialty of accordion, also taking the Postgraduate Course of Specialization in Traditional Basque Music in 2020. Despite her youth, she has participated in many projects performing contemporary, classical, traditional and other styles of music. She collaborates assiduously with artists from different disciplines in projects with dance, poetry, theater or art installations, both solo and with groups.

She was accordionist of the EIO (Euskadi Alumni Orchestra) in concerts held in 2014 at the Teatro Monumental in Madrid, Kursaal in Donostia, Euskalduna in Bilbao and Auditorio Nacional in Zaragoza. In 2018 she is soloist with the Musikene orchestra in a concert at the Kursaal of Donostia, with a show directed by the dancer Jon Maya together with the dance company Kukai, Andoni Egaña, Thierry Biscary and Ainhoa Arteta. In 2020 she also plays as a soloist with the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra in two concerts held in the Serantes de Santurtzi and Muxikebarri de Getxo theaters under the baton of conductor Iker Sanchez. She has been awarded a scholarship by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia for the 2018-2019, 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 academic years, and in 2020 she received the Orfeón Donostiarra-Musikene Award for her end-of-degree work.

She is currently carrying out a project based on artistic research into musical practice, with the aim of showing, through the accordion, the connection between traditional and avant-garde music. In her opinion, both types of music have a great capacity to mutually enrich each other’s modes of interpretation, always through an instrument that has a highly developed traditional and contemporary facet, the accordion. Taking this research as a guiding thread, she is offering different concerts-conferences, among which we can highlight the one offered within the program Arte Makina of Tabakalera (Donostia) around the exhibition Komunikazio-Inkomunikazio of the curator Oier Etxeberria and the one presented within the cycle Zinema Belarrietara of the same center around the Lekeitioak of Mikel Laboa