Starting from the idea of artistic practice as a hyper-object (T. Morton) —as that which is so massively distributed in space-time that it transcends its own space-time coordinates—, and as a generator of a specific and embodied knowledge, I intend to review, in a non-linear way, how this practice develops not only in the environment of the practicing artist, but beyond itself in the work being in the world. All of this has to do with the ways of presentation of this work, but also with notions such as performativity, gesture, attention, intuition, disruption, transformation and the chaotic consideration of time. My intervention aims to unfold a mesh (T. Ingold) of ideas, relationships, works and events that allow us to approach the complexity implicit in artistic practice.

Laura F. Gibellini is an artist and professor in the Department of Drawing and Printing of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UCM. Her work has been shown in places like Matadero Madrid, Musac (León), Artist Space (NYC) or The Boston Center for the Arts. She has been a fellow at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome and resident at The Banff Center for Arts & Creativity in Alberta, among others.

March 24, 6 p.m. Sala Rekalde
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