Mireia c. Saladrigues is an artist and researcher, or rather, artist-researcher. Her projects build on extensive inquiries while the particular research methodologies are based on her artistic practice.

She defends that the artistic research is fundamentally different from the traditional academic research, since the first is interrelated with the creative processes and the particular languages of art, incorporating aspects that cannot be directly addressed from formal knowledge or written language.

Saladrigues is a candidate for the International Doctorate (DFA) at the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki University of the Arts. Behaving Unconventionally in Gallery Settings documents cases of (human and non-human) alteration of cultural practices, proposing an artistic and theoretical rereading of nonconformity. The components of her research explore a wide field: from aspects of iconoclasm to the virtualization of exhibitions, from the cultural inscription of the public to the memory of matter in the form of particles.

She has exhibited in Europe, the United States, and Asia, including the Second Research Pavilion on the occasion of the 57th Biennial Venice. From the conferences and symposia in which has participated, she underlines A Case of Iconoclasm on the Tip of David’s Toe and The Very First Sensorium, which proposes another conference format.


February 24, 6 p.m. Sala Rekalde
On line broadcast. Performative Conference: We Could Have Turned Ourselves into Sugar