LOCATION: Aire Gallery. Bilbao
DATE: From the 23rd of June to the 31st of July 2020

The group exhibition ‘Confi-19’ shows different works made during the months of confinement. Among the artists who are exhibiting there are some members of the laSIA research group: Julen Agirre, Naia del Castillo, Usoa Fullaondo, Veva Linaza, Damaris Pan, Fito Ramírez and Unai Requejo. Also participating in the exhibition are: Izaskun Araluzea, Miren Barrena, Luis Candaudap, Jon Ander García, Ibon Landa, Asier Lurrazaga, Jon Mantxi, Maite Mugerza, Remco Roes, Ander Sagastiberri, Natalia Suárez Ortiz de Zarate and Marina Suárez Ortiz de Zarate.

“Freedom has been given for things to be presented in terms of playfulness, criticism, tragedy, fantasy, irony, perversity…etc. We wanted to reflect, through a series of objects, what we were able to do and not do as a group of people who have maintained a certain emotional relationship despite the isolation and constraints imposed,” explains Fito Ramírez as coordinator of the exhibition.

Exhibition views


Veva LinazaVeva Linaza  

Usoa Fullaondo & Remco RoesUsoa Fullaondo & Remco Roes 

Unai RequejoUnai Requejo

Damaris Pan & Asier Luzarraga

Unai RequejoJulen Agirre

Fito RamírezFito Ramírez