Seminar "arte como investigación".
The place of the subject in art research

This seminar sets out to explore the research aspects of art work. It acknowledges the interest of research into art (from the viewpoint of the history of art or as part of cultural studies), but does not focus on it; rather, it looks at research though art, takes the place of action of the subject (the artist/researcher) and seeks ways to turn his/her experience into visual and/or written material.

It is conceived not as a space for transferring prior knowledge but as one in which we can put ourselves in a situation in which we can create knowledge; where texts, objects, images, gestures and desires can be put into circulation that are capable of generating movements in work and in thought, and perhaps producing forms of art as research.

The seminar is organised by the laSIA research group (of the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of the Basque Country) in cooperation with Sala Rekalde, and is aimed mainly at artists and researchers with qualifications in Art (and similar disciplines), and at doctorands, for whom the research process is an essential part of their theses.

The seminar is to take place monthly at Sala Rekalde during the 2017-2018 academic year, on 31 October, 28 November and 19 December 2017, and on 30 January, 27 February, 20 March, 24 April, 29 May and 12 June 2018, always on a Tuesday from 6-8 pm (9 sessions, totalling 18 hours).

Admission is free, and there are 15 places available. To register, please complete the form attached and submit it by 10 October 2017 to, indicating SEMINARIO LASIA in the subject line.